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Really, Really clean and Dry in half the time Looking for the most thorough cleaning you’ve ever seen?  Furniture and carpets that look and feel better than ever?  Would you like to be able to deep clean and restore your fine furniture fabrics?   Are you interested in rejuvenating your carpet and rugs even with difficult stains and odors?  Do you want to restore your dingy stone or tile floors?  Do you want to bring back the luster to your hardwood floors?  Then you’ve come to the right place

We guarantee the best service ever.  We have been serving the Tidewater Virginia area since 1988.  Our clients are our friends, neighbors, and members of our community.  We have cleaned for many families and watched the children grow from toddlers to college students.  We understand the importance of a clean healthy home for your family and have dedicated ourselves to providing the best service through education, experience and technology.  Our Technicians are trained and certified by the IICRC, We use the best equipment available, and maintain the equipment to perform at peak ability.  We have over 20 years of experience.  Our products are safe and effective.  We are recommended by major carpet manufacturers, retailers and interior designers, and approved by The  Carpet and Rug Institute.  IICRC certified firms were recommended on ABC’s 20/20.



#1-  You Should Wait As Long As Possible Before Cleaning Your Carpet.

No.  Dirt is and abrasive – like sandpaper.  Every step grinds dirt into your carpet creating minute scratches that cause premature wear and a dingy flat appearance that cleaning cannot remove.  The best way to extend the life and beauty of your carpet is frequent vacuuming and regular professional cleaning.

#2-  The Only Reason To Clean Is To Get The Dirt Out.

As you are aware, the air contains pollutants from car exhaust, pollens, bacteria, herbicides, fertilizers etc.  When you or your family members enter your home, you carry these pollutants on your body and clothing.  Not surprisingly, all those pollutants wind up in your carpet.  Cleaning your carpet regularly creates a healthier home environment.

#3-  One Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is As Good As Another.

While most cleaning methods may improve the overall appearance to some degree, Hot Water Extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning, has been tested and found to be the best method for soil removal.  The cleaning method to be used is best left to an IICRC certified technician that understands the carpet textile, soil type and desired results.  Masterkleen offers several methods to achieve the best end result.  We do not promote one method for every situation.

Hot Water Extraction is the method recommended by most carpet manufactures in their warranty requirements.  Any cleaning method is only as good as the technician performing the service and their understanding of when and how that method should be used.

4#-  All Carpet Cleaners Are The Same

Only IICRC certified technicians are recognized as trained professionals by the major carpet manufactures.  That is why carpet warranties require IICRC Firms to clean carpet to keep from voiding the warranty.  Also, cleaning firms must be approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

A carpet cleaning company cannot buy these certifications, they must earn it through study, experience, and the successful completion of formal, written examination.  Cleaners who are certified by the IICRC have, in effect, earned a degree in cleaning.

We've faithfully served Tidewater / Hampton Roads for 27 years.


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